Calming peace from our Lord


Calming peace from our Lord

That last few months I’ve come to realize just how impatient I am. And for those of you who know me well, you know how accurate that statement is!

But, for those who know me less, I’ll give you a few examples:
-If my computer tab is opening, I keep pressing the ‘new tab’ button until it works, normally I wind out with about 10 tabs open
-I am too impatient to wait for my boyfriend to actually propose to me, so I’ve been secretly/not so secretly getting plans around for our wedding someday
-I send multiple messages to people if they don’t respond in my time table

AND the biggest one of all

-I start freaking myself out when God doesn’t provide for me in MY TIME.

These last 5 months have been extreme mountains and valleys to me, struggling to find peace and acceptance where I am now, and learning to follow God’s leading in my life.

In the last week I’ve stumbled into three different job opportunities.
All because of God.

It’s incredible how much a small joyous experience can change your whole perspective on life. Suddenly, instead of freaking out about the prospect of moving home with my parents and third-wheeling it with them and milking cows for the rest of my life, I have action steps in plan, options to choose from.


I wish I could learn this lesson from:
-My pastor
-My boyfriend
-My mentor
-My family
-My best friends

——ALL of whom spoke this truth into my life, but as usual I was too impatient to take the time to understand it.

Even if none of these jobs pan out, I know I serve a faithful God and he’ll take care of me and provide for me. And he’ll provide for you too. Sometimes we feel like we’re facing a mountain, but really, we’re not. And if we treat it like that, aren’t we putting God in a box?


Feeling Lost in a World of Opportunity.


Feeling Lost in a World of Opportunity.

Yelp, it’s second semester of senior year. The time of year we are all anxiously waiting to graduate and ‘move on’ with our life. Happy and carefree. Living life.

But………I’ll admit it.

I’m struggling. Big time.

In a time of excitement in my life, graduating college, a potential marriage within the next year…. I should be so excited.

But I’m panicking.

And not like the cute kind, but like the breathe in a paper bag, throw up kind of panic. I honestly never realized until this year how much of a planner I am.

Recently one of my pastors asked me if I had to have all my ‘ducks in a row’ before I could get married. I shocked myself by admitting yes.

He, along with about five to ten other people have helped me to realize it’s OK to not have life altogether, that it may be awhile before I have it together.

The past few weeks I have been trying to learn how to give up the control and the safety I have in my life, and hand it over to God. I have finally realized I don’t need 50 people call me for an interview. I just need one. The one GOD is going to bring into my life, not the one that I, Arianne Prichard, bring.

I’m just not that awesome.

Matthew 6:25-34 and Philippians 4:6-7 are life long verses for a worrier like me. In the last few weeks I have clung desperately to them. (P.s. you should read them!)

I think we can all relate to this limbo feeling, and this feeling of uncertainty. But, taking life one day at a time and finding joys in the small moments – like when I did get a call back for a job – and be excited for them, even if they don’t work out.

God used my breaking point to draw me close to Him again, and to again find joy in applying for jobs.

So where ever you are in life, in limbo like me, or in a successful career, know that there is someone out there that you can always cling to. Someone who will always listen to your fears and worries. Who will comfort you when you are lost – far better than a best friend or a significant other can. God doesn’t get tired of listen to you worry about the future, or about your fear of moving back to your parents farm and milking cows forever, He just doesn’t.

Lean into Him this week friends, and stop trying to take control of your life —-panic attacks and meltdowns are the worst! And let someone else who is a lot stronger than you deal with it.

Peace and Love friends, I’ll be praying.


Peace When you Least Expect it


Peace When you Least Expect it

God has this amazing way of always grabbing me and pulling me straight back to Him in the midst of all my fears, doubts, worry, anxiety – you name it I’m pretty confident I have it!

Anyway, these last few weeks of being back at school have caused stress levels to be at heights that makes carefree summers seem like such a distant dream. Instead of thinking about all the fun moments I had with my family and enjoying being surrounded by the most loving friends anyone could ask my life has been bombarded with constant thoughts

“Am I being a good RA?”
“Am I spending time with friends?”
“Can I balance a boyfriend with school, work, friends, God?”
“Am I a good friend?”
“Am I ignoring people?”
“Am I worshiping God?”
“Am I?”
“Will I find a job after school?
“What am I going to do with my life?”
“Am I EVER going to get over my BRONCHITIS?!?!?”

I’m sure that for any of you who struggle with feeling like you fit in know exactly where I stand with all of this. Those days where 10 people can tell you how much they love and appreciate you and you still find yourself looking in the mirror in the morning saying, “God, what am I doing in this position? What is your plan for me?”

This struggle for balance and peace has been on my mind all week and was actually a huge topic of discussion for my roommate Becca and I this morning when we went to get coffee before church (and were given our second witnessing tract by a church, but that my friends is another story!)

But that’s when God brought us peace that we least expect it.

This morning at City View Becca and I were sitting there and the pastor starts discussing the book of Acts, particularly how we should be willing to trust God to take care of things, trust His power and love fore us to ensure that our life goes according to HIS will and not our own.

That means laying down our fears and worries. That means going to God before we go to ourselves or our friends. That means trusting.

Praise God for a breath of fresh air!

I pray for you guys this week that God will bring you peace that passes all understanding. I pray that this week God reveals to all of you how much He loves and cares for you and how we don’t need to fill ourselves with worry and doubt, but that God can fill us with love and acceptance and worthiness and all those other great things.


The exciting (an super quiet) life back on campus


The exciting (an super quiet) life back on campus

first of all I realize that it’s been 3 full months since I’ve posted anything – anything at all! It’s actually kind of nice, since when you don’t post anything you also don’t have the pressure of living up to anything /surpassing anything that I’ve missed before……wow such a sign that I’m exhausted.

For the last 1.5 weeks or so I’ve been in RA training (woooo!!) the plus side is that I’ve been meeting an connecting to new and exciting people that I would have otherwise never interacted with.

The downside?

Nothing, literally NOTHING sticks to the walls in the hallway, and I’m pretty sure I’ve broken campus rules in order to assure that my decorations remain stuck to my wall.

The other downside is bronchitis. My gosh I hate being sick – and for the record I hate doctors, regardless of how nice they are, and I have a new record of 2 doctors visits and 1 ER trip in the past 3 weeks.

No, I’m not proud of that record.

I went to the hospital the day before I moved back to Cornerstone University and I was diagnosed with Bronchitis and given antibiotics. Then, a week later, I found myself texting my dear boyfriend a 7 a.m. on a Sunday morning going, “Hey, are you awake? I can’t breathe, I think I need to go to the ER….”

Moral of the story: If you have trouble breathing in the ER they WILL make you sit in a wheel chair. AND they’ll make you lay on your bed and wheel you down to get an xray.

Can I say mortified?

However, after
1. A breathing treatment
2. Being seen by 2 nurses, a doctor, the respiratory staff person (the title eludes me), and the x ray guy
3. Being asked if I was pregnant
4. Being asked if I had children (?!)
5. Being asked why my “honey” wasn’t back in the room with me
6. A chest x ray

I was released with 2 new prescriptions, new rules on life, and the excitement of knowing I got to see my family for the day 🙂

However, I failed to tell the three wonderful women I work with I was in the ER… I’ve been mocked by every person I work with now because of that. In fact I have a list of about 6 people who are willing to take me to the ER now, haha.

Anyway, even thought a lot of the sessions seem pretty straight forward, I am so getting excited to meet all the gals on my floor. I’m excited for the 33 women I will be living with for the next year and for all the amazing memories that I will make with them. —and just fyi (sorry Brittany and Anna) but my floor smells the best !

Tomorrow is New Student Arrival Day and I’m excited for the new crop of students that it will bring in, even though it makes me sad realizing that this is my year and NSA day as a student on campus.

Peace out ya’ll 🙂

Just another day in paradise


Just another day in paradise

It’s always hard the fist couple weeks back from college – and I’m sure all of you can agree. That transition from care-free college life and living on your own to being back under your parents control can be rather draining.

Especially when you live on a dairy farm.

Haha, it’s funny what you forget too! It never fails that when I come home I’ve conveniently forgotten about all the unpleasant smells and sights that come with a farm —it’s calving season, can I leave it at that ?

It also never ceases to amaze me how dumb animals can be. Whenever I’m away I always think of our cows as being so gentle and sweet and obedient. When I come home I’m faced with the harsh reality how evil and demon like they can be.

Wait, where am I going with this post?

On the positive side, there is nothing like being in the country and looking around you at God’s creation.
With the rain we’ve gotten in the last couple days our fields have transformed from dull brown grass to emerald green flowing feels that challenge the rolling hills of Ireland.

Some moments when the wind is whipping I can close my eyes and feel like I’m right back on the island.

There’s so much peace that can be found out here, even when you’re bored out of your mind. God always draws me closer in these quiet times at home. Things slow down and I can enjoy each moment that God has given me and be thankful for the time I have with my family —-even when cows are trying to kick my arms off (I swear some days they are out to get me!)

This week with all the baby calves that were born, we also had the chance to welcome a new addition into our own family. I’m so proud to have a new little niece to love on and watch grow up.

So as our summer drags, instead of thinking about how bored we are and how much we want to be back in college (sad, but often true for me). Let’s try to take time to appreciate the family that God has given us and the opportunities we have to live and love for God.

Look out for my upcoming travels to Indiana this summer! Whoop Whoop!

In the competition between Boyfriends and Girlfriends it’s so NOT cool when the boy wins


I can’t wait for summer… can I just get that out there?!

With the chaos that comes with the end of the semester – this year mainly just the dozens of women at our Christian college who are planning weddings and what not – you get to the point where you are just ready to finish and escape people from the other. I should clarify that I’m ecstatic for those who are tying the knot this summer, but I’m thankful it’s not me! haha


Huh, that is not at all where I was expecting to go with my blog……I had some kind of story. Oh yeah!


So today my dear friend Becca and I come up with this fantastic idea to go to the local Biggby coffee shops and collect their empty tea tins. I’m an RA next year and I thought that I would start planning gifts for my girls now. My plan was to fill the tea tins with different gifts for them and give them to the girls either on move in day or for Christmas. 


Sounds wonderful right? 


Well….when we got there Becca spent about $5 on a drink that was kind of so-so and when I asked the girl behind the counter for the tea tins she informed me she really couldn’t give them out …but could write a note to her boss. 


You know it’s not so much that we weren’t able to get the tea tins but it was the fact that my boyfriend Mykel was able to get 3 earlier in the day. 

He just waltzed up to the counter of another Biggby and told them he needed the tins for his girlfriend. They handed them over and said they would save some for her. 


Uhm….that’s not fair. 


You see I think there is a secret understanding that boyfriends and girlfriends are in some kind of competition. I was, not gunna lie, looking forward to going to Mykel later tonight and saying, “look at me I collected X of tins!”  Instead I texted him and went, “so not cool, Biggby like you WAY more than me.” 


Haha, so moral of the story HE will be collecting my approximately 50 tins that I need for my girls haha. Good thing he likes me 😉 


Well, until next time my dear blog friends!

Serving the Needy


I’m constantly reminded by my dear friend Becca what living out Christianity in regards to serving.

Whenever we see someone in need, she is the first person to jump at the chance to serve them wholeheartedly, regardless of the consequences.

A couple weeks ago we were going out to eat for a column I write for our school paper called Get Out! where I go out to eat and try local restaurants and then encourage (or discourage) my fellow schoolmates and the faculty and staff at CU to try it out. We planned on going to an Indian restaurant, but instead found ourselves going to a small Mexican Restaurant close to our church.

It was there in a parking lot we met a woman named Stacey who informed us that she needed exactly $28 dollars and was relying on God to help her get the money so she could get home. She told us a little bit about her faith in Christ, where she’d been in life, and how she is depending on God for her future.

It was Becca that was so quick to respond to this woman’s need and it was me, being the pessimist, that was hesitant to help her. But Becca told me later that she does it not only as a leap of faith, but that she would rather take the time to help someone and have them not be in need, than to not help someone who was not in need.

What if we lived our life like that? Instead of intentionally avoiding people in need, what if we were better at intentionally putting people first in our lives?

This song always reminds me of that need that we have in our life to serve others.

I’m still not perfect at giving to others, in fact I still struggle with it a lot, but I’m working on it, are you?