Peace When you Least Expect it


Peace When you Least Expect it

God has this amazing way of always grabbing me and pulling me straight back to Him in the midst of all my fears, doubts, worry, anxiety – you name it I’m pretty confident I have it!

Anyway, these last few weeks of being back at school have caused stress levels to be at heights that makes carefree summers seem like such a distant dream. Instead of thinking about all the fun moments I had with my family and enjoying being surrounded by the most loving friends anyone could ask my life has been bombarded with constant thoughts

“Am I being a good RA?”
“Am I spending time with friends?”
“Can I balance a boyfriend with school, work, friends, God?”
“Am I a good friend?”
“Am I ignoring people?”
“Am I worshiping God?”
“Am I?”
“Will I find a job after school?
“What am I going to do with my life?”
“Am I EVER going to get over my BRONCHITIS?!?!?”

I’m sure that for any of you who struggle with feeling like you fit in know exactly where I stand with all of this. Those days where 10 people can tell you how much they love and appreciate you and you still find yourself looking in the mirror in the morning saying, “God, what am I doing in this position? What is your plan for me?”

This struggle for balance and peace has been on my mind all week and was actually a huge topic of discussion for my roommate Becca and I this morning when we went to get coffee before church (and were given our second witnessing tract by a church, but that my friends is another story!)

But that’s when God brought us peace that we least expect it.

This morning at City View Becca and I were sitting there and the pastor starts discussing the book of Acts, particularly how we should be willing to trust God to take care of things, trust His power and love fore us to ensure that our life goes according to HIS will and not our own.

That means laying down our fears and worries. That means going to God before we go to ourselves or our friends. That means trusting.

Praise God for a breath of fresh air!

I pray for you guys this week that God will bring you peace that passes all understanding. I pray that this week God reveals to all of you how much He loves and cares for you and how we don’t need to fill ourselves with worry and doubt, but that God can fill us with love and acceptance and worthiness and all those other great things.



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