Serving the Needy


I’m constantly reminded by my dear friend Becca what living out Christianity in regards to serving.

Whenever we see someone in need, she is the first person to jump at the chance to serve them wholeheartedly, regardless of the consequences.

A couple weeks ago we were going out to eat for a column I write for our school paper called Get Out! where I go out to eat and try local restaurants and then encourage (or discourage) my fellow schoolmates and the faculty and staff at CU to try it out. We planned on going to an Indian restaurant, but instead found ourselves going to a small Mexican Restaurant close to our church.

It was there in a parking lot we met a woman named Stacey who informed us that she needed exactly $28 dollars and was relying on God to help her get the money so she could get home. She told us a little bit about her faith in Christ, where she’d been in life, and how she is depending on God for her future.

It was Becca that was so quick to respond to this woman’s need and it was me, being the pessimist, that was hesitant to help her. But Becca told me later that she does it not only as a leap of faith, but that she would rather take the time to help someone and have them not be in need, than to not help someone who was not in need.

What if we lived our life like that? Instead of intentionally avoiding people in need, what if we were better at intentionally putting people first in our lives?

This song always reminds me of that need that we have in our life to serve others.

I’m still not perfect at giving to others, in fact I still struggle with it a lot, but I’m working on it, are you?


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