Just another day in paradise


Just another day in paradise

It’s always hard the fist couple weeks back from college – and I’m sure all of you can agree. That transition from care-free college life and living on your own to being back under your parents control can be rather draining.

Especially when you live on a dairy farm.

Haha, it’s funny what you forget too! It never fails that when I come home I’ve conveniently forgotten about all the unpleasant smells and sights that come with a farm —it’s calving season, can I leave it at that ?

It also never ceases to amaze me how dumb animals can be. Whenever I’m away I always think of our cows as being so gentle and sweet and obedient. When I come home I’m faced with the harsh reality how evil and demon like they can be.

Wait, where am I going with this post?

On the positive side, there is nothing like being in the country and looking around you at God’s creation.
With the rain we’ve gotten in the last couple days our fields have transformed from dull brown grass to emerald green flowing feels that challenge the rolling hills of Ireland.

Some moments when the wind is whipping I can close my eyes and feel like I’m right back on the island.

There’s so much peace that can be found out here, even when you’re bored out of your mind. God always draws me closer in these quiet times at home. Things slow down and I can enjoy each moment that God has given me and be thankful for the time I have with my family —-even when cows are trying to kick my arms off (I swear some days they are out to get me!)

This week with all the baby calves that were born, we also had the chance to welcome a new addition into our own family. I’m so proud to have a new little niece to love on and watch grow up.

So as our summer drags, instead of thinking about how bored we are and how much we want to be back in college (sad, but often true for me). Let’s try to take time to appreciate the family that God has given us and the opportunities we have to live and love for God.

Look out for my upcoming travels to Indiana this summer! Whoop Whoop!


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