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My New Love


My New Love

Sometimes I try to keep up with the fashion happenings of the world. Sometimes I add the garments to my wardrobe and other times I shy away from them. Take skinny jeans for example, for the first few years they were out there I ignored them and saw nothing great about them. That was until I was introduced to the boot.

This year the riding boot has been becoming more and more acceptable to wear in public and with the variety of size, shapes and colors there’s essentially something for everyone! I am not, however, a proud owner of them. That is waiting for Black Friday and the glorious day of savings that comes with them.

So look out, the end of November you will find me strutting my stuff with the latest and greates in the fasion world. Just don’t expect me to wear a lace see through shirt with only a bra on underneath. That fashion style is not something I’m ever planning on embrassing. 🙂


Here GOES Honey Boo Boo, please?


Weekends at home are usually filled with about the same thing: watching hours of reality t.v.. Now I realize this isn’t the best way to spend my weekends at home, but when America’s Next Top Model, My Fair Wedding with David Tutera, Say Yes To The Dress or TLC’s What Not To Wear come on I lose all my ability to say no to reality television. and I spend hours watching television, hours!!

One show that I haven’t really jumped on the bandwagon of is “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.” I just don’t see the point -even more so than the other reality show that are out there. It’s seriously a show about, for a lack of a better word, White Trash people who do ridiculous things – mud bogging, having a pet pig, things like that – and people watch it. What kind of show is that? What about the days of actual entertainment? I wonder what right I have to pry into other people’s personal lives.

My other problem I have with the show is the alternative lifestyle that they have compared to me. As a Christian, I have my own beliefs in how a family should work and how people should live. Honey Boo Boo’s mom having multiple children with multiple partners goes against a number of my beliefs and seeing that as acceptable on television disturbs me.

I feel having a show that glorifies peoples sins, and the destructive behavior is a disappointment. Where has all the good television gone?

Harry Potter and childhood


Harry Potter and childhood

As a child I remember being one of “those” kids who went to midnight parties for the release of the next Harry Potter book. It’s a pretty simple connection and I know many of us longed for the day, shortly after our 11th birthday, that we would receive our letter from Hogwarts. Well, I’m 21 now so I guess I won’t be going – haha.

My point in saying all of that is that Harry Potter is a great part of our childhood. I loved diving into the books and allowing my mental creativity to be encouraged by all of this. However, one day I woke up and admitted it was time to put away my hope for the letter, and for someday acquiring magical powers and I grew up.

My concern is that there are some people on campus who haven’t quite gotten to the spot. Some people around campus are still a little stuck in the childhood stage of belief in magic. In fact there is a student who actually has a wand. That’s cool, but maybe we should enjoy just watching the movie, or just reading the book. Maybe having a wand or something like that is a LITTLE overkill.

McDonalds: Ever Changing


McDonalds: Ever Changing

While I was working on my research paper on the color and the impact is has on people I stumbled upon McDonalds and what they were doing. At first I didn’t think anything of it. I just figured, ‘huh, so McDonalds doesn’t really use the color red as much, in Europe they’ve changed it to green, that’s cool I guess.’ But the more I worked on the paper the more I began to realize the very real impact it had on the company. Red symbolizes passion and desire and a number of other things, just as yellow has a tendency to encourage people to hurry. Adding the green to McDonalds while minimizing the yellow and red is kind of an encouragement to think more about being environmentally friendly and also encourages people to take their time, not to rush.

So looking at all of that, it’s intriguing to think about how one simple color can have such an impact on a company.

Remembering the ARTIST Michael Jackson


This week I found myself watching Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” movie with my roommates Nicki and Amanda. I was amazed with how much thought Michael went through as he created these one-of-a-kind sets for his most famous songs.

It made me realize how much he cared about his fans and just how creative this artist was. It’s something I feel like his last few years of life people didn’t appreciate about him.

His image, at least in my childhood, was scarred by inappropriate behaviors he allegedly had at his home. People were so rocked by this that they started forgetting him as an artist and instead focused on the negatives associated with the guy.

Up until about five years ago, I felt the same way. I told myself I would never listen to Michael Jackson because he represents negativity and sinfulness and it’s something I shouldn’t expose myself to as a Christian. Wow, I’m really on a high horse aren’t I?

But I started educating myself. I started looking at the ‘real’ person of Michael Jackson, reading about what he was passionate about, what he did for others, and who he was as a musician and artist.

Truly this guys had a heart for people, really cared about them, and really wanted to make a difference in the lives of those around him.

I wish we could focus more on what someone is actually doing instead of focusing on what people SAY he is doing. Maybe then his life wouldn’t have been cut so drastically short.

Rolling With the Flow


Rolling With the Flow

It seems like in the last few years people have been stressing the importance of experiencing different cultures from your own. College are pushing students to get stamps on their passports, to travel to Central America, South America, Europe, Asia, where ever they can so they can experience something outside of their ‘norm.’

I would agree with this idea. I think we all need to experience things outside of the norm for us. It doesn’t even have to be a different culture, but going to inner city Grand Rapids has a different culture than a small country town outside of Grand Rapids.

A type of music that your roommate listens to could be different from what the person down the hall from you listens to…. you should experience it!

Every experience that you go through makes a change to you, whether you believe it or not. Each time I travel abroad, I change just a little bit, each time I am exposed to a new genre of music or a new book or a new concept, I change a little bit.

We should be open to changes in our everyday world, after all changes are constantly going on around us, so we should be ready for it.

My latest change? Oh, I’m going to London in January, how cool is that? I’m excited for the prospects of changes that come from learning of a new culture and having experiences with some of my best friends there.

The accents don’t hurt much either. 🙂

Taylor Swift has WAY too much influence on the world


Sometimes I feel like everywhere I turn Taylor Swift is there, especially at a college I feel like it’s impossible to get away from here. You get on Facebook, she’s on someone’s Spotify, you go to your class someone is talking about her.

Don’t you feel like saying, “She’s everywhere, she’s everywhere!!” right now?

Anyway, my point is that she evokes these fierce emotions from people. People love her, people hate her, either way it’s an extreme emotion. I can’t think of anyone who is just like, “I mean, Taylor Swift is pretty good, she’s not my favorite…” that’s like talking about Justin Bieber people. People don’t say that about him, they go, ” I HATE him,” or “I LOVE him.” No in between.

I wish people would step back and realize that Taylor Swift is a human, she has her flaws and her talents. She’s a great young musician, who tends to be kind of immature I feel for her age in my opinion, who has had an incredible impact on the world. But really guys, that doesn’t mean we need erect a monument or something.

Let’s just try to enjoy her music and not spend all your time talking about it, because seriously, there are other more important things to talk about.