In the competition between Boyfriends and Girlfriends it’s so NOT cool when the boy wins


I can’t wait for summer… can I just get that out there?!

With the chaos that comes with the end of the semester – this year mainly just the dozens of women at our Christian college who are planning weddings and what not – you get to the point where you are just ready to finish and escape people from the other. I should clarify that I’m ecstatic for those who are tying the knot this summer, but I’m thankful it’s not me! haha


Huh, that is not at all where I was expecting to go with my blog……I had some kind of story. Oh yeah!


So today my dear friend Becca and I come up with this fantastic idea to go to the local Biggby coffee shops and collect their empty tea tins. I’m an RA next year and I thought that I would start planning gifts for my girls now. My plan was to fill the tea tins with different gifts for them and give them to the girls either on move in day or for Christmas. 


Sounds wonderful right? 


Well….when we got there Becca spent about $5 on a drink that was kind of so-so and when I asked the girl behind the counter for the tea tins she informed me she really couldn’t give them out …but could write a note to her boss. 


You know it’s not so much that we weren’t able to get the tea tins but it was the fact that my boyfriend Mykel was able to get 3 earlier in the day. 

He just waltzed up to the counter of another Biggby and told them he needed the tins for his girlfriend. They handed them over and said they would save some for her. 


Uhm….that’s not fair. 


You see I think there is a secret understanding that boyfriends and girlfriends are in some kind of competition. I was, not gunna lie, looking forward to going to Mykel later tonight and saying, “look at me I collected X of tins!”  Instead I texted him and went, “so not cool, Biggby like you WAY more than me.” 


Haha, so moral of the story HE will be collecting my approximately 50 tins that I need for my girls haha. Good thing he likes me 😉 


Well, until next time my dear blog friends!


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An easy way to describe me is: I love. I love people, cultures, traveling and God. I'm thankful for all the amazing opportunities I've had to do all of that at 21 and I'm so looking forward to where my life is going to go :-) Hope you enjoy

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