Harry, Jack and Butterbeer, oh the joys of days off!


So, yeah, I am a little behind on blog posts…sorry, I find it more enjoyable to spend my evenings playing cards or chatting with friends than being the studious student I should be on this trip and talk about what I’ve been experiencing. Oh well. 

Thursday last week Dominic, Pam, myself and our professors headed off to the Harry Potter Studios to see the actual sets used in Harry Potter. Let me just say that even though I have been a Harry Potter fan on decline, I LOVED experiencing this studio. We saw tons of memorabilia from the movies and had the chance to “fly” on a broom and try Butterbeer. Butterbeer actually tastes a ton better than I expected it to taste, it had a kind of butterscotch type taste with this extra sweet after taste. For 3 and a half hours we entertained ourselves throughout the studio looking, reading and listening to all the information we could about all things Harry Potter. 

There were so many breathtaking moments through out our experience there, it was so worth the time we spent there. 

From there we headed on the Jack the Ripper walking tour, which, let me just say, NO ONE should know that much about a murderer! It was super interesting, but I couldn’t shake this thought of “why do you care so much about this freaky murderer?” But, I went along with it and learned a ton, plus it was a great adventure to be had with my friends. 

It was great having this day off right after our insane 36 hour trip to Paris. It gave us all a chance to just relax and experience different parts of the city we wouldn’t have otherwise experienced. Thankfully, there were no mishaps – no ripping pants, no tripping guards, just a normal, plain day. 🙂


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An easy way to describe me is: I love. I love people, cultures, traveling and God. I'm thankful for all the amazing opportunities I've had to do all of that at 21 and I'm so looking forward to where my life is going to go :-) Hope you enjoy

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