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Gingers are people too, get over it!


Gingers are people too, get over it!

Recently on Facebook my friend posted this picture on my wall and told me she felt she could see us dating. Now this is a running joke to post things on my wall about ginger headed people. Being one I’m used to the jokes about how we have fiery tempers, we’re super pale, that people think red heads only come from Ireland and must be Irish (which is not true, I know several red heads who have NO Irish in them, although I am not one of them) and most recently how gingers have no soul.

Now this concept of Gingers having no soul apparently came around thanks to a show called South Park. I don’t watch the show although I have been told by friends what the episode entails and how at the end they conclude that Gingers have no soul or whatever.

And I’ve seen a number of ‘gingers have no soul’ types of things all around in the last two and a half years that I’ve been at college. Most of them make me laugh but sometimes it does get frustrating.

People get these stereotypes stuck in their heads and can’t shake them loose. They forget to consider other people and their feelings and instead are focused on their own selfish gratification. Now I’m definitely not saying that people should stop making ginger jokes, that would be sad, but I am saying that people should start considering the impact their words have on one another.

In my Communication Theory class we’ve been talking about the importance of words and how much people base their self confidence on what others have to say about them. We should be uplifting in our words. It’s OK to have a joke with a friend or two, but just be careful about how the words are impacting your friend.


Boost in Shawarma sales….because of the Avengers?


I watched The Avengers a couple weeks ago when we had the CU Drive-in, which by the way was pretty awesome ! But anyway, when watching the ending Robert Downey Jr’s character, Tony Stark, makes a reference to an obscure food called shawarma. Now being the movie buff that my friend and I are (at least when it comes to superheros) we decided we had to check it out and actually wound up at Parsley Mediterranean Grille downtown Grand Rapids to try it out.

It was different. Like very Middle Eastern authentic. Kind of bland, very chewy and very garlic filled. But I’m glad we tried it.

And come to find out we aren’t the only ones who’ve tried it. If you Google “shawarma” a number of links pop up about how much sales have increased at various shawarma serving restaurants. But really looking into it TMZ is behind it all and both the Huffington Post and Esquire only report the single restaurant TMZ reported which sales of shawarma increased by “80 percent.”

All surveys aside, I would believe that sales have drastically increased, at least while the movie has been out and theaters and because it’s about to be released on DVD. I’d doubt the fad goes on much longer than that, just because I find it hard to believe that at least Americans as a whole would enjoy adding shawarma into their daily diets.

However, for the 10 minutes or so it took me to eat it, I did feel just a little bit more connected to Tony Stark and the rest of The Avengers!

My Childhood: The Wild Thornberrys


Loving cultures traces back to my early childhood when I watched the show The Wild Thornberrys -a show about a family who travels the world filming documentaries and the experiences they have along the way.

I haven’t thought about them in years but the other night in my World Civilization class we were talking about Machu Picchu (an Inca site in Peru) and my mind jumped back to the Thornberrys, specifically Eliza who had a desire to see it. She encouraged me to have dreams about the places I wanted to visit and the experiences I hoped to have some day.

I think this show as great for children because it showed them adventures they couldn’t dream of at their age and it encouraged them to reach for the stars like Eliza. Who knows? Maybe I’ll have to watch some more of it!

Kate Middleton


I love Kate Middelton. Seriously. I feel like she sums up what it means to be a stylish yet classy woman. She doesn’t wear clothing that is inappropriate but instead makes it trendy to look put together and possibly bend over without showing your bum! 

However, recently gossip columns and television shows have exploded with a scandal involving Princess Kate herself, being rather revealing…as in she wasn’t wearing a top! Astonished I knew I had to find out more about this situation. Come to find out paparazzi photographed her on private property in France while she was sunbathing topless with her husband. 

Now, I’m not an advocate for sunbathing nude, but I feel like there has to be a balance between the two. How can you justify photographing someone on private property? I mean if she had been on a public beach, her own fault, but on private property? 

I feel like this is just a way to get the royals in the paper. Anything people can do to get money and throw celebrities faces around. Especially for someone like Kate Middleton who has thus far lived a rather blameless life. 

It’s so disappointing being a Christian and watching this happen. As Christians we are called to a higher calling, to treat people with respect and not invade their privacy. We should be lifting up this couple up and praying for them as they begin their life together and as they are faces for the United Kingdom, not spreading their faces through gossip magazines. 


To check out a full article go to,,20395222_20631141,00.htmlImage

One Direction – What Makes You Beautiful (5 Piano Guys, 1 piano)


This was something I just sorta kinda stumbled upon the other day on the internet. Don’t you love days like that? When you aren’t expecting to find anything good while wasting time and yet you have such a masterpiece, at least that’s how I feel about his version of the song, “What Makes You Beautiful.” Now I should throw out that while I used to enough this song I’ve felt that it was getting kind of lame and very much over played, but this brought new meaning to the song. Before this song was geared towards teenage girls who were nursing a crush and imagining their crush singing about how beautiful they are. (Plus they have accents who can resist that?)

Now instead of the focus audience being so narrow, the 5 Piano Guys, 1 Piano group have expanded the audience to those who enjoy instrumental music of any kind. Now the song isn’t just merely regurgitating the lyrics in the video, we’re adding a new dimension by watching the guys running around the table playing a multitude of parts on the piano, not just the keys themselves. It takes the music and the meaning of the song to a different level and makes you think more about the complexity of music.

I have always enjoyed instrumental music, but it adds such a depth to know that there are lyrics that can go with the song if you have the desire, or likewise, they could not go with the song depending on how you feel as well.

Brut Commercial “Late”


I was having a lot of trouble this week thinking about how I was going to focus my blog topics for the semester. That is until today when our Communication Theory professor had us analyzing videos and talking about how the makers were communicating with their audience and the story that they were telling, what they were trying to convince their buyers of.

This first commercial I chose is actually the one my group chose to analyze during class. It’s short, all of 15 seconds or so, but I think it portrays a large message in that time, and the more you look at it, the more intriguing it becomes. The story itself is that a man uses a Brut project after his wife walks out of the room, when she comes back in she is magically about 9 months pregnant. This, in other very similar Brut commercials, generally comes with a tagline of having the “essence of man.”

Now on the surface this is just a silly commercial that makes for a good laugh, but underneath it all it invokes a lasting memory, this is one of my brother Logan’s favorite commercials – he owns Brut deodorant because of this! If you look at the commercial you see that this is all about manliness and the ‘essence of man.’ Man is showing his control of the world around him when he uses this product, because it causes the impregnation of a woman, just from his manliness. Men connect with it because they connect masculinity to the use of the product, plus it’s absolutely ridiculous so it stick in your memory… and it has such a short tagline you can’t help but remember the smile on the mans face and the tagline ‘essence of man.’