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The exciting (an super quiet) life back on campus


The exciting (an super quiet) life back on campus

first of all I realize that it’s been 3 full months since I’ve posted anything – anything at all! It’s actually kind of nice, since when you don’t post anything you also don’t have the pressure of living up to anything /surpassing anything that I’ve missed before……wow such a sign that I’m exhausted.

For the last 1.5 weeks or so I’ve been in RA training (woooo!!) the plus side is that I’ve been meeting an connecting to new and exciting people that I would have otherwise never interacted with.

The downside?

Nothing, literally NOTHING sticks to the walls in the hallway, and I’m pretty sure I’ve broken campus rules in order to assure that my decorations remain stuck to my wall.

The other downside is bronchitis. My gosh I hate being sick – and for the record I hate doctors, regardless of how nice they are, and I have a new record of 2 doctors visits and 1 ER trip in the past 3 weeks.

No, I’m not proud of that record.

I went to the hospital the day before I moved back to Cornerstone University and I was diagnosed with Bronchitis and given antibiotics. Then, a week later, I found myself texting my dear boyfriend a 7 a.m. on a Sunday morning going, “Hey, are you awake? I can’t breathe, I think I need to go to the ER….”

Moral of the story: If you have trouble breathing in the ER they WILL make you sit in a wheel chair. AND they’ll make you lay on your bed and wheel you down to get an xray.

Can I say mortified?

However, after
1. A breathing treatment
2. Being seen by 2 nurses, a doctor, the respiratory staff person (the title eludes me), and the x ray guy
3. Being asked if I was pregnant
4. Being asked if I had children (?!)
5. Being asked why my “honey” wasn’t back in the room with me
6. A chest x ray

I was released with 2 new prescriptions, new rules on life, and the excitement of knowing I got to see my family for the day 🙂

However, I failed to tell the three wonderful women I work with I was in the ER… I’ve been mocked by every person I work with now because of that. In fact I have a list of about 6 people who are willing to take me to the ER now, haha.

Anyway, even thought a lot of the sessions seem pretty straight forward, I am so getting excited to meet all the gals on my floor. I’m excited for the 33 women I will be living with for the next year and for all the amazing memories that I will make with them. —and just fyi (sorry Brittany and Anna) but my floor smells the best !

Tomorrow is New Student Arrival Day and I’m excited for the new crop of students that it will bring in, even though it makes me sad realizing that this is my year and NSA day as a student on campus.

Peace out ya’ll 🙂