Tower of London



Why yes, that is the Tower of London in our background which holds more than 1,000 years of history within those walls. This stop was fascinating to me as it’s something I’ve always been interested in seeing. We had about three hours to explore this extensive castle  (which houses about 45 families still we’re told) that has a number of famous names attached to it. It’s within these walls that a number of famous people lived (I believe our tour guide told us Sir Isaac Newton did work here) and were killed (Anne Boleyn, one of the 6 wives Henry the VIII had). I’d always thought of the Tower of London as just a jail cell where famous people stayed before their execution, but there’s more to it than that. This was an incredibly beautiful castle that houses a lot of history and sweet things within it, but it’s also experienced a lot of tragedy like the death of innocent boys who’s bodies were never found and things like that. 

I couldn’t have taken several more hours to look at every square inch of the castle, however, our time was rather limited on Monday (the day before we left for Paris) and our Theology class had to run off to tour John Wesley’s chapel, which was just as interesting. 


That’s Wesley’s chapel straight ahead and his house (which you can’t really see from this angle) is to the right. The older gentleman taking us on the tour made it a point to tell us over and over again that it was the American Methodists who helped make the renovations to Wesley’s chapel. Without them the chapel would have fallen apart over the years. 


I did enjoy the tour that we were taken on in the chapel not only because John Wesley played such an important role in church history –particularly Methodist–but because our tour guide great and we got an insight into great church leaders of the day. Plus, look at these church benches that have extenders that pop out (and yes, they work, our tour guide made me sit on one). You think of these great men as powerful and like they have it all together, when in reality Wesley was like 5 foot 5 inches, just a couple inches taller than me and he had a failed marriage (although he didn’t divorce his wife many years of their marriage they lived separately). I think it just goes to show you just how human these great men are, we can’t build people up so much because in reality, we’re all human, we all struggle and God is good to all of us. 


After touring his chapel and house we walked across to the cemetery to look at where John Bunyan is buried, the author of Pilgrim’s Progress, Wesley’s mother and a number of other people who were either radical in their faith or non believers. It was cool and made for a great end of the day. 


After class for the evening Dominic, Brie and I all headed down the bus line for food and wound up at a Greek restaurant that was delicious! So even though we completely failed at getting home on the bus system (I’m convinced that the bus system hates us!!!) We enjoyed spending the evening together and enjoying our company.



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