Windsor Walk


NOTE: I took NONE of these photos, they weren’t allowed where we were, so the internet is helping me here 🙂

This photo below is a room created after the British beat Napoleon. The room was actually designed for the pictures on the walls that depict the great people involved in the battle. Insane! 



This is Mary’s Dollhouse. It was never intended to be for children, but it’s to show of miniatures of things, like the vacuum or whatever. Famous artists and whatever from the time donated stuff for the house. It’s all scaled to size and boasts running plumbing and electricity. and yes, a little vacuum that works, real silver plates on the table and lets not forget crown jewels.


This is the crimson room (or red, can’t remember) its a semi-state room and is RARELY opened to the public (YAY us!)



This is a hall commemorating great knights with their coat of arms. It was amazing. There used to be a table that held about 160 people too. 


This is another photo from Windsor Castle. This is looking back down a 2.5 mile walk to a horse statue that was in honor of a father from a son (one of the George’s to another, I can’t remember which one) it’s said that the George made the statue because he loved his father so much, which in reality, when the father was alive they hated each other haha! Image


Welcome to St. George’s this is our breathtaking outside view


yes, this is the ceiling. insane right? 


This is the choir loft. We sat in this pews tonight for our Evensong. 




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