The Fence of Love… and Jack the Ripper


I never thought I’d be talking about Jack the Ripper and love on the same day, or same sentence, however since that’s what I experienced in East London today, I mean, that’s what I’ve got to write about!

This morning we went to our friend Daniel’s church (I think I called him David in my last post, that was a fail) which was called The Good Shepard Mission. I figured it would be a lot like the churches I went to in Belfast last year, formal, stiff, ritualistic –the church was nothing like that. Instead I found myself enjoying the songs that we were singing since I knew most of them. I could relate to the pastor and his message on discipleship, it was great. We all laughed when they started playing “The Star Spangled Banner” when they heard people from America were visiting (the piano guy later played that song about ants going marching one by one when the kids left, but that’s another story). 

What I failed to mention was this wasn’t in an elaborate building built in the 2nd century like it seems like all the other churches were built, it was filled with ornate paintings and have golden ceilings. Instead it was a simple building in The Estates (London’s equivalent of The Projects in the U.S.) in East London just down the road from where Jack the Ripper killed some of his victims (that got gruesome fast didn’t it?). Apparently we actually walked through the area, but I didn’t realize it until later. 

This church was just like the church I go to back home, but they were so involved in the community, they do so much for the poor living there. It’s incredibly inspiring to take that back to the states with you. 

After the church we headed to Old Spitalfields Market which has been going since 1638. It was huge and filled with tons of clothing -mainly like dresses and sweaters and scarves and such for women. But also funky things like a Pac-Man necklace and stamps and yummy bakery goods. I thought it was a fun cultural thing to get involved in. 

We headed back with some of the other people in our group tonight and walked by a chain fence with locks all over them. These locks are supposed to represent a committed love between you and your special someone, or some of them represent you getting married. Either way, they were really cute, so I couldn’t help myself from snapping a couple pictures 🙂 and yeah, I cheated, I was too lazy to upload photos, so I’m borrowing from the internet again. 


This is one of the locks that hung on the chain fence where get got off the above ground train in East London, I find it to be one of the cutest things ever. 




This is an overall view of the gate and the adorableness that adores it!






so yeah, after all that we headed to get food and then came back for a time or relaxation before class tonight. Class was so intriguing, and really got me thinking, but, it would take too much space to explain! haha, so I won’t. 

Tomorrow is Tower of London (STOKED) and then we visit John Wesley’s Chapel and his house and a grave site filled with important people in the church history. Then it’s just a few hours until our adventure to Paris begins!


P.S. Giggles, I bought part of your present today……


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