Windsor Castle and the unfortunate guard!


Windsor Castle and the unfortunate guard!


So today was our trip to Windsor Castle, the castle that the Queen spends some of her weekends. This castle our tour guide told us today originated in the 13th century! That’s insane, so much history is within this castle, Henry the VIII, Queen VIctoria, name a British monarch and they spent time there, walked down the halls that I walked down. For goodness sake, Prince William and Harry have walked the steps I have!! (alright, I’ll stop panting now…..although Richard, our tour guide assured us many a 21st birthdays have been celebrated in the 13 century part of the castle where the wine used to be kept).

Anyway, it was amazing walking through this functioning castle. Words can’t describe the grandeur that is within this castle. Famous painting, ornate wood carving on the doorways, gold and murals covered the ceiling, plush chairs lined everywhere.

One of the coolest stops we made within the castle was called Mary’s Dollhouse which was a house with running plumbing and electricity and a working vacuum in the maid’s room (which was considered state of the art in the 1920’s when it was built). Everything in there was sized down and there was a collection of mini crown jewels and silver plates on the table (they’re real silver too).

We found out after the tour on our own that we had a great privilege today. Most of the time the semi-state rooms were reserved for special visitors who come with the queen, but they were open for us, so we got to see more of the castle than we first expected.

After all of this we took a special tour of the kitchen to see how a kitchen -which employs up to 20 chefs for state dinners- can actually run. This led us to discovering more information about monarchs like King George and Queen Victoria among others. What’s awesome is they still have equipment dating back hundreds of years that is still in use today! Insane and amazing all at once.

So, yeah, I’m a lil into this British History thing……

Oh wow! I almost forgot to talk about my unfortunate guard today!! He was patrolling (I guess you could call it) by St. George Chapel (or cathedral, not sure what you call it) and he starts walking back and forth and Cassie, Brie and I all notice this long string-like thing projecting from his foot and we realize it was his shoelace. he started walking back and forth and was stepping on it! I wanted so badly to run up and tie it for him, but I was slightly afraid that he’d like stab me with a saber or something…so I refrained, I may have cost him a broken neck, but I guess I won’t ever know…. ;-P

Lunch took us to a tiny, tiny, tiny building across from the castle that could literally fit maybe 15 people on a good day, if they were all the size of twigs! haha.

We finished our day going to Evensong at St. George’s which was connected to Windsor Castle. Even though there was a lot of ritual about it (they repeated almost the same thing every single night, the only thing that was different was the scripture passage used) you could still feel so much of God’s presence in the church. I just kept thinking about how many other believers have walked through the door and sat where i sat and soaked in what I soaked in. It was one of the most beautiful churches I’ve ever seen.

Oh, and for all of you wondering, this is the final resting place for King Henry the VIII, Jane Seymour (that would be wife number 3 I believe?) and the infant son of Anne Boleyn.

Tonight was also our orientation for class and our first lesson. Since I’m taking a Theology class, that’s obviously what we’ve been talking about. We talked about General and Special Revelation and whether or not we think Special Revelation still exists (where God speaks directly to people). Our professor kind of feels like the idea of God speaking directly to people much less common than it once was. Honestly it was nice hearing someone have the same basic idea that I have. haha, I don’t think I can really explain this very well over a blog, oh well.

Tomorrow we head to east London for church with our professors’ friend David. He’s taking us to his church that’s fill with East Londoners who are apparently known for being kind of ….out there? At least that’s what we were told. So we get to worship with them and then have tea time with them so some of our group members can interview them for their class project.

Well, I’m off to the world of slumber and dreams. Giggles, I know you’re stalking me, so you should leave me a comment and tell me what you liked!! 😉


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