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Using the wonders of Pintrest


Using the wonders of Pintrest

Sitting in World Civilization One tonight there was a joke that began circulating around the classroom, the wonders of Pintrest. One of the students was telling our professor, Professor Williams, that he should make his wife dinner for all the things he makes her do. He laughed and told us that he was not good a cooking and didn’t have very good ideas. 

One girl in the middle of the rows told him to check out PIntrest because they have fantastic ideas for meals. 

It’s funny how much one website has taken over so much of our culture. Now instead of looking through our mother’s and grandmother’s cookbooks we open our browser and search pages to see what our other friends enjoy. 

The cupcakes I have posted here, perfect example of how I used Pintrest to find something delicious instead of finding something in the multiple cookbooks I have around my apartment. Our culture is changing and we’re starting to depend more on our friends than on the traditional view of our parents and family. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not, but I do know that these cupcakes are great! Something I never would have discovered without the powers of the internet and websites like Pintrest.