The truth about Black Friday


I’ve never been Black Friday shopping.

Until last night that is.

My friends Emily and Rachel and I decided this year we were going to try it out this year as we heard that there were all kind of amazing deals that were going on during that time. For years we’d heard of glory stories of coming into stores and walking out with insane saving. 


Well, Rachel Emily and I did have a good time, although we didn’t wind up with too many of those deals. We were able to avoid the majority of lines on Thursday night by strategically planning our shopping trip.


What we learned was that the majority of the people who go Black Friday shopping have specific purpose’s in their shopping. Unlike Emily,  Rachel and I they weren’t just shopping, they had a plan, a strategy. They walked into a store, knew exactly what they needed and wanted and walked out right after. 

It was impressive really. I’m so glad I experienced the Black Friday experience, even though we went late Thursday night/ early Friday morning and missed some of the other sales that started a little later on Friday morning. 

It was the fact that we went there, we bought $4 movies and presents for all of our family members, and saved 75% on scarves. 

So much fun.

Now, I wouldn’t do it again, but I’m thankful for the experience.

In the future I think I’ll stick to baking cookies on Black Friday with my family instead. 🙂


About farmgirlstravel

An easy way to describe me is: I love. I love people, cultures, traveling and God. I'm thankful for all the amazing opportunities I've had to do all of that at 21 and I'm so looking forward to where my life is going to go :-) Hope you enjoy

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