Checking out different worlds


It’s easy for me to stick to things I know, especially when it comes to music. I love listening to all different kinds – country, rock, pop, hip-hop, rap, Christian, classical, instrumental, Irish- but I’ve never really ventured in the the dub-step or alternative/underground band area.

Until recently that is.

My brother Logan is generally a straight country or rock type guy, he doesn’t really venture out of his comfort zone when it comes to music.

Until recently that is.

That’s when his best friend Josh introduced Logan to AWOLNATION and their song “Sail.” This group is more or less an underground band that is kind of alternative/ dub-step type thing. But it’s pretty cool. I hadn’t expected to enjoy this music as much as I did, but after listening to a couple times the song got stuck in my head and encouraged me to listen to it more.

This “Sail” song was a great way for me to delve into this genre of music and to experience new music that I wouldn’t have otherwise.

I’d encourage all of you this week to not only listen to this song, but check out other songs that are way different genre’s than what you usually listen to! đŸ™‚


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