‘Boy Meets World’ Sequel


‘Boy Meets World’ Sequel

Lately along with the politics that have been flowing around campus another conversation has also been floating around….the fact that Disney is making a sequel to ‘Boy Meets World’ a series a number of us grew up knowing and loving. I remember as a child how much I desired to be Topanga and to have a relationship like she and Cory had. haha, I was so young!


Anyway, word on the street is that Cory and Topanga will be reprising their role and that now they have a son and daughter, Elliot and Riley. Riley will be the new star of this show along with her best friend Maya (think Shawn here). It’s essentially the same storyline as the original version which makes me wonder if people will be as willing to watch it as the original? 


In the world or reruns what will ‘Girl Meets World’ have to do to differeintiate itself from the original? Will be be able to find amazing characters like Mr.Feeney, Shawn and Eric? I’m trying to have faith in you Disney! So I’m looking forward to the next generation of Matthews. 


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