The song that rocked our world


On Halloween my roommate Nicki and I were driving to our churches Trunk-Or-Treat. We were listening to the radio when a song came on the radio. The beats and melody of the beginning of the song made us both think it was the theme song from the show “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.” Any second we were expecting to hear, “Now here’s the story….” but that’s not what we heard.

Instead, the song took on a much creepier sound and started telling the story of Freddy Krueger from Nightmare on Elm Street. What was awesome about this song is that Nicki and I had a double connection. We recognized the beat and sound from the Fresh Prince, which made us think of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, which took us back to childhood memories of watching the show with our siblings. We also connected it with the movie Nightmare on Elm Street which had it’s own set of memories.

Plus, the song sparked conversation about the commercialization of Halloween as a holiday. We all accept that Halloween has been incredibly commercialized, and we accept it, we don’t try to make Halloween into something it’s not. Kind of like Christmas, even though it is overcommercialized we still try to deny the fact. Halloween, we at least admit that it’s a commercial holiday.

Anyway, this song was a great chance for us to just enjoy the holiday, get a little scared, and thoroughly enjoy the time that we had together.

Until the next time. This is Arianne going over and out. 🙂


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An easy way to describe me is: I love. I love people, cultures, traveling and God. I'm thankful for all the amazing opportunities I've had to do all of that at 21 and I'm so looking forward to where my life is going to go :-) Hope you enjoy

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