Harry Potter and childhood


Harry Potter and childhood

As a child I remember being one of “those” kids who went to midnight parties for the release of the next Harry Potter book. It’s a pretty simple connection and I know many of us longed for the day, shortly after our 11th birthday, that we would receive our letter from Hogwarts. Well, I’m 21 now so I guess I won’t be going – haha.

My point in saying all of that is that Harry Potter is a great part of our childhood. I loved diving into the books and allowing my mental creativity to be encouraged by all of this. However, one day I woke up and admitted it was time to put away my hope for the letter, and for someday acquiring magical powers and I grew up.

My concern is that there are some people on campus who haven’t quite gotten to the spot. Some people around campus are still a little stuck in the childhood stage of belief in magic. In fact there is a student who actually has a wand. That’s cool, but maybe we should enjoy just watching the movie, or just reading the book. Maybe having a wand or something like that is a LITTLE overkill.


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