Remembering the ARTIST Michael Jackson


This week I found myself watching Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” movie with my roommates Nicki and Amanda. I was amazed with how much thought Michael went through as he created these one-of-a-kind sets for his most famous songs.

It made me realize how much he cared about his fans and just how creative this artist was. It’s something I feel like his last few years of life people didn’t appreciate about him.

His image, at least in my childhood, was scarred by inappropriate behaviors he allegedly had at his home. People were so rocked by this that they started forgetting him as an artist and instead focused on the negatives associated with the guy.

Up until about five years ago, I felt the same way. I told myself I would never listen to Michael Jackson because he represents negativity and sinfulness and it’s something I shouldn’t expose myself to as a Christian. Wow, I’m really on a high horse aren’t I?

But I started educating myself. I started looking at the ‘real’ person of Michael Jackson, reading about what he was passionate about, what he did for others, and who he was as a musician and artist.

Truly this guys had a heart for people, really cared about them, and really wanted to make a difference in the lives of those around him.

I wish we could focus more on what someone is actually doing instead of focusing on what people SAY he is doing. Maybe then his life wouldn’t have been cut so drastically short.


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