Rolling With the Flow


Rolling With the Flow

It seems like in the last few years people have been stressing the importance of experiencing different cultures from your own. College are pushing students to get stamps on their passports, to travel to Central America, South America, Europe, Asia, where ever they can so they can experience something outside of their ‘norm.’

I would agree with this idea. I think we all need to experience things outside of the norm for us. It doesn’t even have to be a different culture, but going to inner city Grand Rapids has a different culture than a small country town outside of Grand Rapids.

A type of music that your roommate listens to could be different from what the person down the hall from you listens to…. you should experience it!

Every experience that you go through makes a change to you, whether you believe it or not. Each time I travel abroad, I change just a little bit, each time I am exposed to a new genre of music or a new book or a new concept, I change a little bit.

We should be open to changes in our everyday world, after all changes are constantly going on around us, so we should be ready for it.

My latest change? Oh, I’m going to London in January, how cool is that? I’m excited for the prospects of changes that come from learning of a new culture and having experiences with some of my best friends there.

The accents don’t hurt much either. 🙂


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