Taylor Swift has WAY too much influence on the world


Sometimes I feel like everywhere I turn Taylor Swift is there, especially at a college I feel like it’s impossible to get away from here. You get on Facebook, she’s on someone’s Spotify, you go to your class someone is talking about her.

Don’t you feel like saying, “She’s everywhere, she’s everywhere!!” right now?

Anyway, my point is that she evokes these fierce emotions from people. People love her, people hate her, either way it’s an extreme emotion. I can’t think of anyone who is just like, “I mean, Taylor Swift is pretty good, she’s not my favorite…” that’s like talking about Justin Bieber people. People don’t say that about him, they go, ” I HATE him,” or “I LOVE him.” No in between.

I wish people would step back and realize that Taylor Swift is a human, she has her flaws and her talents. She’s a great young musician, who tends to be kind of immature I feel for her age in my opinion, who has had an incredible impact on the world. But really guys, that doesn’t mean we need erect a monument or something.

Let’s just try to enjoy her music and not spend all your time talking about it, because seriously, there are other more important things to talk about.


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