Giving our hopes and dreams some air


I realize this week that a number of people will post about this experience, the Chinese Lanterns that were released into the sky last Friday as part of ArtPrize, but I think it’s important to post about it as well.

This video particularly stuck out to me because at the very beginning of the video a woman seemed to be talking to her child and said that the lanterns were the hopes and dreams of the people around them. Instantly I went back to the movie Tangled.

I love the scene of lanterns in the movie Tangled, it’s probably one of my favorite parts is when Rapunzel watches this for the first time. Her entire life she had dreamed about the moment and she finally got to experience it with Flynn, or Eugene as she calls him throughout the movie.

What captures people most about this experience I think, I wasn’t actually there so I don’t know for sure, was this innocence of setting your hopes and dreams afloat. To have one more experience of the simple and slow things in life before we have to go back to the harsh reality and hasty speed of everyday life. Just for a moment we can experience awe again. We can be a child again. We can appreciate the simple.

Don’t you wish everyday could be like that?

I loved the comment that was posted at the bottom of the video about the lights, “Every person there that saw this “art” will never forget this 1/2 hour of their life!!!! For the rest of their life!
1st place for art prize! Goes to Mark and Dan!”


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