Gingers are people too, get over it!


Gingers are people too, get over it!

Recently on Facebook my friend posted this picture on my wall and told me she felt she could see us dating. Now this is a running joke to post things on my wall about ginger headed people. Being one I’m used to the jokes about how we have fiery tempers, we’re super pale, that people think red heads only come from Ireland and must be Irish (which is not true, I know several red heads who have NO Irish in them, although I am not one of them) and most recently how gingers have no soul.

Now this concept of Gingers having no soul apparently came around thanks to a show called South Park. I don’t watch the show although I have been told by friends what the episode entails and how at the end they conclude that Gingers have no soul or whatever.

And I’ve seen a number of ‘gingers have no soul’ types of things all around in the last two and a half years that I’ve been at college. Most of them make me laugh but sometimes it does get frustrating.

People get these stereotypes stuck in their heads and can’t shake them loose. They forget to consider other people and their feelings and instead are focused on their own selfish gratification. Now I’m definitely not saying that people should stop making ginger jokes, that would be sad, but I am saying that people should start considering the impact their words have on one another.

In my Communication Theory class we’ve been talking about the importance of words and how much people base their self confidence on what others have to say about them. We should be uplifting in our words. It’s OK to have a joke with a friend or two, but just be careful about how the words are impacting your friend.


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