Boost in Shawarma sales….because of the Avengers?


I watched The Avengers a couple weeks ago when we had the CU Drive-in, which by the way was pretty awesome ! But anyway, when watching the ending Robert Downey Jr’s character, Tony Stark, makes a reference to an obscure food called shawarma. Now being the movie buff that my friend and I are (at least when it comes to superheros) we decided we had to check it out and actually wound up at Parsley Mediterranean Grille downtown Grand Rapids to try it out.

It was different. Like very Middle Eastern authentic. Kind of bland, very chewy and very garlic filled. But I’m glad we tried it.

And come to find out we aren’t the only ones who’ve tried it. If you Google “shawarma” a number of links pop up about how much sales have increased at various shawarma serving restaurants. But really looking into it TMZ is behind it all and both the Huffington Post and Esquire only report the single restaurant TMZ reported which sales of shawarma increased by “80 percent.”

All surveys aside, I would believe that sales have drastically increased, at least while the movie has been out and theaters and because it’s about to be released on DVD. I’d doubt the fad goes on much longer than that, just because I find it hard to believe that at least Americans as a whole would enjoy adding shawarma into their daily diets.

However, for the 10 minutes or so it took me to eat it, I did feel just a little bit more connected to Tony Stark and the rest of The Avengers!


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