Kate Middleton


I love Kate Middelton. Seriously. I feel like she sums up what it means to be a stylish yet classy woman. She doesn’t wear clothing that is inappropriate but instead makes it trendy to look put together and possibly bend over without showing your bum! 

However, recently gossip columns and television shows have exploded with a scandal involving Princess Kate herself, being rather revealing…as in she wasn’t wearing a top! Astonished I knew I had to find out more about this situation. Come to find out paparazzi photographed her on private property in France while she was sunbathing topless with her husband. 

Now, I’m not an advocate for sunbathing nude, but I feel like there has to be a balance between the two. How can you justify photographing someone on private property? I mean if she had been on a public beach, her own fault, but on private property? 

I feel like this is just a way to get the royals in the paper. Anything people can do to get money and throw celebrities faces around. Especially for someone like Kate Middleton who has thus far lived a rather blameless life. 

It’s so disappointing being a Christian and watching this happen. As Christians we are called to a higher calling, to treat people with respect and not invade their privacy. We should be lifting up this couple up and praying for them as they begin their life together and as they are faces for the United Kingdom, not spreading their faces through gossip magazines. 


To check out a full article go to http://www.people.com/people/package/article/0,,20395222_20631141,00.htmlImage


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