One Direction – What Makes You Beautiful (5 Piano Guys, 1 piano)


This was something I just sorta kinda stumbled upon the other day on the internet. Don’t you love days like that? When you aren’t expecting to find anything good while wasting time and yet you have such a masterpiece, at least that’s how I feel about his version of the song, “What Makes You Beautiful.” Now I should throw out that while I used to enough this song I’ve felt that it was getting kind of lame and very much over played, but this brought new meaning to the song. Before this song was geared towards teenage girls who were nursing a crush and imagining their crush singing about how beautiful they are. (Plus they have accents who can resist that?)

Now instead of the focus audience being so narrow, the 5 Piano Guys, 1 Piano group have expanded the audience to those who enjoy instrumental music of any kind. Now the song isn’t just merely regurgitating the lyrics in the video, we’re adding a new dimension by watching the guys running around the table playing a multitude of parts on the piano, not just the keys themselves. It takes the music and the meaning of the song to a different level and makes you think more about the complexity of music.

I have always enjoyed instrumental music, but it adds such a depth to know that there are lyrics that can go with the song if you have the desire, or likewise, they could not go with the song depending on how you feel as well.


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