Brut Commercial “Late”


I was having a lot of trouble this week thinking about how I was going to focus my blog topics for the semester. That is until today when our Communication Theory professor had us analyzing videos and talking about how the makers were communicating with their audience and the story that they were telling, what they were trying to convince their buyers of.

This first commercial I chose is actually the one my group chose to analyze during class. It’s short, all of 15 seconds or so, but I think it portrays a large message in that time, and the more you look at it, the more intriguing it becomes. The story itself is that a man uses a Brut project after his wife walks out of the room, when she comes back in she is magically about 9 months pregnant. This, in other very similar Brut commercials, generally comes with a tagline of having the “essence of man.”

Now on the surface this is just a silly commercial that makes for a good laugh, but underneath it all it invokes a lasting memory, this is one of my brother Logan’s favorite commercials – he owns Brut deodorant because of this! If you look at the commercial you see that this is all about manliness and the ‘essence of man.’ Man is showing his control of the world around him when he uses this product, because it causes the impregnation of a woman, just from his manliness. Men connect with it because they connect masculinity to the use of the product, plus it’s absolutely ridiculous so it stick in your memory… and it has such a short tagline you can’t help but remember the smile on the mans face and the tagline ‘essence of man.’


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